Good for the Goose…

Is it always good for the gander?  I’m thinkin’ not so much.  Had a thing happen tonight that well over incensed me…I likely over-reacted to be perfectly honest.   Neither here nor there, really, but it has affected some writing that I’m attempting to achieve tonight.  While I spend some time looking at gender roles in a make-believe world, I have been faced with more than one double standard in the “real world”.   Here’s my over-wrought conundrum: My little world is a bit different from ours in lots of ways.  Why is it that my “real” world is reflecting so much in my writing?  Why are the double standards of this world rearing their ugly head?  I certainly don’t want them there.   But, can the average reader (again with the narcissism that this might be something, but it might?  Let’s call it confidence instead.) deal with gender roles and double standards that are so very different from the ones we face in reality.  Am I allowed to turn them upside down?

I don’t like what happened tonight, not one bit.  I felt like a jealous woman and I really wasn’t.  I was more an angry woman.  I gotta be honest, I’m kinda OK with all that.  But the stereotype for the bitter, jealous soul existed.  As I sit here, heaving a sigh, I gotta wonder about the above thoughts and about our society’s want or need to place women in that “shrew” role.  I’m not buying it.  And I don’t want to participate in it or perpetuate it in any way or shape.  I think it’s bullshit…

And I think that in my little made up world?  I think I can do whatever I want. Oh, the power and the glory.  And I think women are allowed to stand up and scream bullshit if they want…  With no repercussions.


~ by caelascreator on April 25, 2012.

One Response to “Good for the Goose…”

  1. Your world should be just that: your world. You must define your world and then hold it accountable and hold it to the rules you defined it with. If you wish to eliminate double standards then feel free to do so. However, that rule being said/written you must hold to it. No sneaking back and using it to apply drama later on.

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