Feasting and the Single Girl…

OK, so, I over indulged a bit last weekend.  Way too much meat, way too much sugary, delicious goodness….You get the point.  It was a holiday and what better way to celebrate any holiday than with gluttony!  Consequently, this week I am basically eating nothing but fresh fruit and veg, a bit of brown rice here, bit of vinaigrette there and one cheat meal of gnocchi with pesto.  I really like to cook and eat.  I suppose I’m a bit of a foodie, really.  This is going somewhere, I promise..

So I’m writing out a banquet scene last night that entails many diplomatic intrigues and visiting dignitaries and the like, but I cannot quit describing the food.  This made me laugh.  And salivate some, which is not pretty.  The other rather amusing thing that happened was Caela’s poorly mannered way of devouring what was put in front of her.  She ate like a bear coming out of hibernation and it’s not like it was her first meal in weeks either.  It seemed to me that she was so taken with the lavishness of the meal that she just couldn’t help herself.  This was the first time I had placed her in this type of social setting and I maybe should have found someone to give her a crash course in etiquette.  But honestly, I’m kinda glad I didn’t.  What followed was a great deal of staring and poking and head shaking and someone saying “It’s already dead…it’s not leaving, I promise.”

Perhaps tonight I can actually get to the point of the banquet?  Maybe I should order a pizza first.


~ by caelascreator on April 12, 2012.

One Response to “Feasting and the Single Girl…”

  1. Perhaps a splashguard for your keyboard just in case you get make on the food descriptions 🙂

    Glad to hear that Caela is thriving, if somewhat socially inept. However, that can certainly add a depth to the character that may not otherwise have been discovered. Eating and social gatherings are such intriguing places where manners and social order matter more than ethics.

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