Yeah, that’s right.  I’m  done…well, done with my NaNo goal at any rate.  My inconsequential little book? Not even close… I think I’m about an eighth done, ish…sorta.

At any rate, I know it’s been ages since I wrote anything here, but sometimes, life throws you some curve balls.  Gentle reader, I believe I may have had a bit of a nervous breakdown as they called it back in the fifties.  I sorta shrunk into myself, full of self-doubt.  I allowed another person to fill me with feelings of worthlessness.  Yes, I did that.   But art is therapy and while I pulled my head firmly out of the sand and got back to work on writing,  all these feelings dissipated.  It was really kinda magical and a bit of a life changing experience, I would say.

Anyhoo, enough over-sharing for now.  Now, I sip some lovely cab sav and enter my little silliness into the magical validation machine on the Nanowrimo site.  I certainly hope that they are telling the truth when they say they don’t actually read it.  Some strange sex scenes showed up without my permission, but I just kept writing.  What the hell was that about?   Where are those instructions for encrypting again?


~ by caelascreator on November 30, 2011.

3 Responses to “I DID IT!!!”

  1. Congratulations!

  2. Whooooo! Great Job! You should be very happy with what you just accomplished. I bow in your presence (virtually speaking at least!)

  3. Congrats on that winner’s badge! And not to worry, Nano uses a word count app that only counts the words, not read them or save them. You can encrypt if you want, but it isn’t really necessary. Don’t forget to check out the winner’s goodies. You can get some good deals on writer’s software, etc.

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