Two for Thursday!

Okay, so this is not my stuff.  I got home from some errands today and found several gems in my inbox.  First set of gems comes from you lot.  So many great ideas about my earlier post!  Thanks so much for helping my pea sized brain wrap around the logistics of magic, I am oozing with gratitude.

Second gem came from the good folks at Tor.Com.  I subscribe to their newsletter, do you?  Give it a whirl, will ya.  Not only do they have great articles and book reviews, but there are always fantastic short stories and excerpts from a lovely variety of top-notch writers.  Anyhoo….

Here is what I got to read today: Margaret Atwood gave a reading last night in NYC.  Ryan Britt spins a lovely yarn, about that and about the wonders of genre fiction.  So, what do you think? Do those of us who dabble in the unreal and the surreal that is genre fiction really just want to play?  Are we creating worlds and characters that are archetypes for what we want to experience?  I know that’s why I do it.  Plus, I really like to hide from the real world sometimes… it’s scary out there.

P.S. Margaret Atwood, live and in person? I would pass out.  Also, her new book sounds dynamite!


~ by caelascreator on October 20, 2011.

One Response to “Two for Thursday!”

  1. Yes, I think I do want to play and also Create. I love the places imagination can take a person. I want to tell stories that are boundless. Unconstrained and wild. I would like my writing to be like running through a grassy field, barefoot on the most perfect fall day.

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